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KNOW YOUr ghosts:
Fontaine Country Correctional


Fontaine County Correctional


FONTAINE COUNTY CORRECTIONAL (Various) – Some of the most violent psychopaths in America were imprisoned here at one point or another, from ruthless gangsters to serial killers, rapists and white-collar criminals. The mettle of many hardened criminals was tested in C Block, where prisoners were pitted against each other with whatever weapon they could find, while guards in the "Coliseum's" tower placed bets on the outcome. Fontaine was thought to be a "dumping ground for bad guards." After a riot in 1994 causing the deaths of several inmates and staff, officials decided to act on longstanding advice and close the prison for good. It is considered to be the most haunted place in America, housing the restless spirits of countless men put to death by the state. (Visitors are able to participate in an authentic prison riot experience on the hour.)

Right: photo of Fontaine County in 1994, prior to closure.

Marble Surface



*This gallery contains photos from phones and cameras recovered by the FBI and may be subject to copyright claims. If you feel any of these photos violate copyright of any individual, please contact me ASAP.

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