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Those of you with any knowledge of Ghostland will of course know that Know Your Ghosts: A Ghost Hunter's Guide to Ghostland is the name of the pamphlet that was available at the park entrance. What some of you might not know is that the contents were written by none other than Jake & Eric Gallagher, the Ghost Brothers themselves! I'm a huge fan of the Gallaghers. I've  been following them since their early days on Youtube. I've seen all of the episodes of the show and every special, read their non-fiction books Ghost Brothers USA and Ghost Brothers Worldwide - I've even got a signed photo of me with them at FantasyCon San Diego on the wall beside my computer! Maybe someday I'll post it, once I get over my crippling fear of seeing photos of myself on the internet!


The history behind this pamphlet is pretty interesting, in a nerdy way. Jake and Eric were the first non-staff and/or investors to get a look at Ghostland before it opened to the public. According to a post on their Twitter about six months prior to opening day, "We are thrilled to have been asked to participate in a super-secret upcoming project we know each and every one of you Ghost Sisses + Bros will love! Unfortunatly [sic] we signed strict NDAs! As soon as we're allowed to tell you, we will!"

Well, it turned out that they had been asked not only to create the information pamphlet for the park but also to contribute their likenesses and voices for an Augmented Reality "haunting experience"! How incredible would that have been to "check out some ghosts" along with the Ghost Brothers themselves? The promotional video they posted (linking to the old Ghostland website) showed them touring Legion House - one of my favorite hauntings of all time!

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