This site is strictly for historical purposes. The original Ghostland website has been scrubbed from the internet since the Ghostland Disaster (RIP to all the souls lost on that day - we will never forget!!!), but I've been researching it for some time now. Oh, and contrary to what several clickbait headlines have suggested, I am not attempting to resurrect the "lost Ghostland program," nor do I plan to reconstruct the Recurrence Field from Ms. Amblin's old schematics. I work in the American public school system - where would I get that kind of money? And where exactly would I put it? My backyard is barely wide enough to fit a kiddie pool!


I'll be adding to the site as I come across more stories from survivors, artifacts, photos/videos, restored pages from the old site, legends, and facts about the ghosts/exhibits that were on display when the park went full meltdown. And please follow my progress on the BLOG.

PS. the background is one of the original promotional images for the park, which you can also find in the Docs, Photos & Artifacts section, along with a park map and much more!