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Images and documents posted in this section are of historical significance. Many were discovered by the authorities in order to build a timeline of the disaster, on smart phones and digital cameras of the deceased. Others were uploaded to social media or have been sent to me from contributors, many of them survivors of the Ghostland Incident. If you have any claims to a particular photo, feel free to contact me and I will happily remove it if the photo is not of public record. Otherwise, please to not contact me regarding more info. Anything I know will be included in the caption. A simple Google reverse image search will help you with anything else.

Official park map copied from Ghostland website before site was scrubbed.

Ghostland Map.png

Torn park map recovered from the site, with what looks like bloodstains and possibly fingerprints.

First season credits for Ghost World, "Sins of the Blood," the only episode both written and directed by Garrote. Poor quality due to old VHS recording. Audio is also very loud.

Screenshots of Rex Garrote's Wikipedia page, as of Aug 22, 2019

Garrote Wiki 1.JPG
Garrote Wiki 2.JPG
Garrote Wiki 3.JPG
Garrote Wiki 4.JPG

Note: It looks like there might be a discrepancy with the dates of Garrote's birth and death and his age. I'm not the greatest at math but it seems like he would have been 57, not 58, when he died.

Pics of Rex Garrote's THE HOUSE FEEDS novel, sent by Anonymous.

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