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Sep 25


Six more calls last night. After the second one, I put my phone on airplane mode but I woke up to four messages. Just silence and static. It's kind of creepy, really. Why would someone bother leaving a message like that?


I fell asleep at my desk twice this morning. Fortunately, my class is full of perfect little angels—yeah, right—so nobody threw any paper airplanes or drew on my face or ran screaming through the halls while I was out. It was only a minute or two anyway, during art.


I'm thinking I might have to get the police involved.


No new additions to the site today. I'm just too tired.



Oct 1


Halloween month begins, and with it some new additions! I've finally gotten my hands on a copy of one of Rex Garrote's novels. A very nice fan of the site sent it to me. He said he wanted to remain anonymous so thank you, anonymous donor! I've added a pic of it to the Photos & Artifacts page.


Also, I heard from someone over the weekend. A Duck Falls resident, away at college. She got my number from her family and reached out to me. She'd prefer to remain anonymous for now. She's been following my blog. And she's also been receiving phone calls in the middle of the night.


She doesn't think the phone calls are from Hedgewood's minions. She thinks they're from… drumroll, please… Rex Garrote himself.


I know how it sounds. And believe me, I understand completely if you want to yell at me right now for even giving that thought a platform. But she was there. This is someone whose name you'd know if I mentioned it—even telling you that is probably too much. She confirmed with her own eyes the same stories about Garrote others have mentioned over and over, too many times for it to be untrue. The glitches, the ghosts wearing his face.


I promised I wouldn't divulge some of the things she told me but if they're true, the Ghostland Disaster wasn't just a colossal mistake or even a terrorist plot. It was orchestrated from the very beginning. And now she thinks we're getting phone calls from the Great Beyond.


I'm not sure if I believe her. But I'm sure as heck not answering that phone.


Oct 4


You guys aren't gonna believe this. A dream come true just happened to me last night. I am over the freaking moon!


The fabulous Ghost Brothers, Jake and Eric Gallagher, contacted me out of the blue. They said they've been following my blog since Ellen posted about it and they've enjoyed all the hard work I've put into this site. If that wasn't enough, they also asked me to join them when they go back to Ghostland on Halloween to shoot their new TV special!


Can you freaking believe it?!!!


Okay, okay, calm down, girl. Take a deep breath.




I am literally jumping for joy right now. Fluffer is barking his head off at me. He must think I've gone whacko. This is the best thing that's ever happened to me. I am so excited–I'll actually get to ghost hunt with Jake and Eric after all. In person!


If I don't die from excitement first!


No new additions to the site today, at least until I recover from my euphoria hangover.

Oct 18

Wow, it's really been a whirlwind since I agreed to be a part of the live taping of Return to Ghostland on Halloween. They flew me out to their headquarters in Los Angeles and sent a limousine—a limousine!—to pick me up at LAX. I've never been to the west coast before. Never seen the Pacific Ocean—it's beautiful. The Atlantic has a sort of cold, powerful beauty but the Pacific is something very different. They're like night and day. The Pacific is Glenda to the Atlantic's Wicked Witch.


I got to hang out in person with Jake and Eric for three incredible days in their famous "Ghost Lab" in Highland Park while they cut their latest episode. They're so adorable in real life! And this upcoming season is one of their best—with their newly-improved camera equipment it's going to be way better than anything pre-Ghostland.


Anyway, I'm back home now, basking in the afterglow. They'll be flying out to Maryland a couple of days before Halloween and they've got me a ticket to join them. I'm still out of my mind with excitement. It's like living in a dream!


My sis said she'd sit Fluffer again. I feel like a terrible dog-mommy but what else can I do? It's not like I can say no now, right?


I'll be thinking of you the entire time. Without your love and support, I could never have gotten to where I am now—and where I'll be in just under two weeks! Wish me luck!!!


Ghost Brothers: Return to Ghostland Live this Halloween (ABC, 8/9 Central), featuring yours truly!


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